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ban appeal

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Forum rules
If you're here to appeal a ban, please include the following information:

What is your in-game name?
What was the reason given for your ban?
When were you banned?
Who banned you?
Why do you feel you should be unbanned?

If you answer these questions, your appeal process will go much faster! Failure to will result in longer times to take to investigate the appeal. Usually bans that are placed is due to high amount of points for continued abuse of the rules which results in bans. So, think first before you decide you want to break the rules.


Where you banned for using the terms such as "n*****", "n*****", "f*****", "f**"?

It's very very rare we unban people for these type of offenses. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for offenses like this. There is too much bigotry and racism in the world and I WILL NOT tolerate it in my servers. You felt the need to use the language after it's made very clear that we do not tolerate it. You can make a post about getting unbanned but don't expect it to happen.


Then that means you have committed enough offenses to trigger the plugin to ban you. It takes at the very least 4 offenses (usage of grenades on Metro) OR offensive language such as "f*****,f**,phagit, etc." . In most case the first ban is 1 hour, second is 1 day, 3rd is one week. By the time you've posted in the forums you ban has likely been removed. But, consider this if you have this many infractions go back and re-read the rules to ensure you understand what they are.

Beyond that, if you have a valid reason that you want to appeal, please do.
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Ban appeal

Post by l337g0g0 » Thu Jul 26, 2018 1:50 am


I said homophobic words in chat, and didn't know there was a ban for it.
I didn't use it a negative context, I just said kill those homophobic words over there.
I was frustrated we were losing, and directed at certain part of the map.
I used it as slang, and not to be homophobic, or bigoted, it's the context.
It was like saying fuck those guys over there, your not hating on them, your just frustrated and using slang.
And if I was aware it was a bannable word, it was not a problem for me not to use that word, so I used it not knowing also, so I wasn't disrespecting your server or admins.
It was just an honest mistake of using a slag word that you ban people on.

I was banned last week I think.
I think it was a auto ban.
So as I stated there was no context in the use for the ban, I wasn't being hateful.

Thank you.


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Re: Ban appeal

Post by stryfe » Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:31 pm

It says it when you join the server, and every 5-10 minutes that using racist or homophobic language is not allowed and will be banned. And you even come here using the shit. Appeal denied, it will expire in 13 days.

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Re: Ban appeal

Post by l337g0g0 » Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:10 pm

It's context, something that flew over your head.

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Re: Ban appeal

Post by ZionMistaken » Sat Jul 28, 2018 5:47 pm

There is not a time when it is acceptable to use homophobic or ra cist remarks just because you get irritated. Not only is this clearly against our standards but you are in violation of EA's TOS for online interaction.

Please be aware that the ban is temporary this time but is mandatory to show how severe the offense is. We understand that you may not be homophobic but what you chatted was and 63 other people on the server shouldn't have to deal with that.

Keeping our punishments consistent and following through is what makes the rules fair. I suggest if you do return after the ban expiration that you take the time to read the !rules in game, and maybe join our discord to connect with other community members.