Ban Appeal

I am apologizing and hoping to appeal a ban that has been appropriately given due to a mean comment I made.

For all ban appeals and request go here.
Forum rules
If you're here to appeal a ban, please include the following information:

What is your in-game name?
What was the reason given for your ban?
When were you banned?
Who banned you?
Why do you feel you should be unbanned?

If you answer these questions, your appeal process will go much faster! Failure to will result in longer times to take to investigate the appeal. Usually bans that are placed is due to high amount of points for continued abuse of the rules which results in bans. So, think first before you decide you want to break the rules.


Where you banned for using the terms such as "n*****", "n*****", "f*****", "f**"?

It's very very rare we unban people for these type of offenses. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for offenses like this. There is too much bigotry and racism in the world and I WILL NOT tolerate it in my servers. You felt the need to use the language after it's made very clear that we do not tolerate it. You can make a post about getting unbanned but don't expect it to happen.


Then that means you have committed enough offenses to trigger the plugin to ban you. It takes at the very least 4 offenses (usage of grenades on Metro) OR offensive language such as "f*****,f**,phagit, etc." . In most case the first ban is 1 hour, second is 1 day, 3rd is one week. By the time you've posted in the forums you ban has likely been removed. But, consider this if you have this many infractions go back and re-read the rules to ensure you understand what they are.

Beyond that, if you have a valid reason that you want to appeal, please do.
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Ban Appeal

Post by Valiuncy » Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:27 am

Hi, My name is Valiuncy

I was recently banned earlier today because of a comment I made, and I take full responsibility
and admit is was very inappropriate. It was an automatic ban because I used the word f***** in the
chat. To be entirely specific to the situation, it was 8v8, server was a little low at the time so people were easy to flank and continued to target our spawn flag instead of the B flag. and having to run back and forth the whole game is what pushed me to the point where I abruptly stated "why are you guys being f******s." And I immediately regretted it because, well, I got insta banned.

I only state the specific situation because I just want to clear that I am not racist or homophobic, and I don't want my reputation to hurt or people to think that I was attacking someone personally and calling people offensive slurs to try to belittle or offend anyone. I dislike drama and agree that there is too much hatred and bigotry and racism in the world, and I believe everyone is a brother and sister of mine and I respect all people who share this world with me. I don't want to be seen as anything other than a respectable person, and didn't help myself by what I said, but I'm hoping that you guys can see my mistake and not judge me by what I said because that really isn't me.

I just recently started playing Battlefield again and found that your metro server with no explosives was my favorite and used it everyday since being back and used it almost all day when I did.
I'm mad at myself because I normally have very good self control and game casually and try not to take it too seriously,
and to allow emotions to come over and use an inappropriate comment is not like me. I have seen that it says its an extreme long shot that I will be unbanned, but I hope to be a rare case, and the least I can hope is that nobody sees me as a disrespectful person.

I sincerely apologize for my offensive comment. I hope I can somehow persuade you to understand where I'm coming from and maybe I can even befriend some of you of this community after this. I never realized how passionate you all are about this gaming community until I registered an account, you guys really put some heart into this site. Keep up the great work, I hope you guys keep this going for BFV and whatever the decision made on my behalf, I will respect, and appreciate the efforts to keep the community hatred-free even if it includes me, who didn't properly control myself. Thank you. See you on the Battlefield!

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Re: Ban Appeal

Post by ZionMistaken » Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:30 pm

I can appreciate where you are coming from, but unfortunately hate speech results in a mandatory 30 day ban per the owner.

Our rules clearly state this on the server info page, the join / loading screen, on first spawn, AND in the !rules. It is also against EA Online TOS that you agreed to when you installed Battlefield.

I know you chatted with one of the admins Bob, and he seemed to point you here and walk you through the process, so I appreciate that you went through the right channels and took the time to explain, but to me if you aren't homophobic then why is that the first insult you decided to go to when you got upset?

Send me a message on discord in a week and I'll have a chat with you about the situation.