Weekly Subdate w/e 27/08/18

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Weekly Subdate w/e 27/08/18

Post by IIIISubzeroIIII » Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:32 pm

20 GOTO 10

was the first two lines of code i wrote at age 11. It resulted in the power being turned off at the wall, as there was no CTRL C.

I did mean to post this on Saturday, but i got sidetracked by RL and left it unposted. Then I forgot and just shutdown. So this is fresh this morning.

I am waking up this Monday morning to hear of the tragic events at a games event in Jacksonville, Miami. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved and affected.

The online gaming community is meant to bring people together, to experience a shared passion of game gendre's, in a safe environment. I fear this will only fan the flames of the 'video games incite violence' brigade. The video game (NFL) did not bring a gun into RL. The video game did not pull the trigger on the gun. The video game DOES NOT even have a gun in it (AFAIK). David Katz did have a gun, and, for whatever perverse reason, that we will never know about as he took the cowards way out, he made a decision to attack and kill his fellow gamers'.

Reports on this side of the pond are saying he was distant on the 2nd day (yesterday) and still in his same clothes as the previous day. Something was clearing fucked up.

Now, I've played games for a longtime. Violent games / bloody games /killing games. It has never made me want to go out, load a gun and kill the nearest people behind me. Yes, I can get salty and cuss and rage quit with the best, but i have never wanted to hurt someone.

This was clearly the fucked up reactions of a clearly disturbed individual, that just so happened to be attending and competing in a competition.

Now the whole gun carry debate is not something that i want to discuss here - being a Brit, it facinates me, as guns are not permitted in the UK as a whole. I understand the rights of US citizens to carry firearms, but in this case, why could some form of detector not be installed on the entrance, being a public venue and all ?

I had had other interesting (to me) things to talk about, but they pale into insignificance, when two young people, attending an event, playing a game they loved, were killed, and another 6 injured.

The world gets more fucked up everyday.

Till next time, peace out , and peace be with you all.

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Re: Weekly Subdate w/e 27/08/18

Post by Suzie » Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:15 pm

Well said Chris x

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