Weekly Subdate w/e 18/08/18

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Weekly Subdate w/e 18/08/18

Post by IIIISubzeroIIII » Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:24 am

Greetings from England.

I got to thinking (yes it hurt), how to relay what i do in a week - nobody may give two hoots, but here goes!

It's hectic in life this week, new house this month, some hefty bills to pay and very little time to play games due to starting a new role in my company on 1st August - nothing like doing one thing at a time.

Finally got somewhere in Division, it was something i tried mid last year, just before i got sucked up in that game called PUBG for countless hours of loot loot run run die.

Now i don't confess to know a lot about crafting, gear level and all the other weird (to me) stuff in the game, but i gave it a go. Thoroughly enjoyed it. If you ever want to do a squad thing, some missions, drop into our discord When Darkness Falls Discord and hook up with our members. I really enjoyed myself.

I am actually looking forward to getting the next installment in October - it's an immersive game, and runs and plays well.

Talking about Tom Clancy games, i see Rainbow 6 is free to play this weekend, with up to 60% off if you like it. It was too fast paced for me, but runs like a dream. Worth a look if you want something different.

Now, a game i have been waiting for since it was announced is Fear the Wolves. It's currently in closed beta. Love the concept, it's not easy - EVERYTHING kills you, the environment attacks you, the zone moves randomly, add in the PVP element and it's tense. We managed to get some steam keys off the dev's this week, so finally able to play in 4 man squads, which Scarlett, Mainframe, Apple and myself did last night. Check out our twitch channel - https://www.twitch.tv/wdfgamingnetwork/videos for some ingame action. The conversation did trail off at some point to cardboard boxes, but you will see the game in this early stage. The company behind it, Vostok and Focus Interactive are still saying Summer 2018 release - well there is only a few week's left... the price point will be 20 bucks. Yes, there is work to do on it, but IMHO, it it looking good. Shame only EU servers are in closed beta, while they iron out tick rate / collision etc, but for release they are saying it will be worldwide, usual geographic areas. We will be throwing some more live streams together over this weekend as and when we can all find time.

For those wondering WTF has happened to Custom Pubg, well Blue Hole happened. Stryfe spend a considerable time becoming partners to get access to the custom server program, and then they opened it up to all. Now it just sit's and times out waiting for players. We were the first group to run 247 custom server. Now, reading between the lines, BH is looking to charge for servers - when this happens, regular players will hopefully stop dicking around, and we will be able to fill our custom again. It's ready and waiting. Watch this space (tm).

If you like this narrative, please say so, if you find it shite, please say so. But come and speak to us in discord - we are an inclusive family of gamer's, playing many different games, with many different interests, from ages 15 - 80 - male and female, and i am pretty sure a goat.

Don't forget for our BF4 fans, we have the 247 Metro server, and due to popular demand and a generous donation by MSEagle2 our Locker pistol only server is back. Come and check them out.

Now for the disclaimer bit - this post is personal view of Subzero and not a statement on behalf of WDF (When Darkness Falls Gaming Network). Any reference to companies or games is not for financial or advertising purposes, and is not written to infringe on copyright. Other games exist that may be more suitable - minecraft or pacman for example.

Till next time - ta ta.

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I am 46 years old and live in England, so for you american's, a 'special friend' as your presidents like to call us brits. I am an director of accounting for an international group, and a part time geek, and have proudly been since i first got my hands on a sinclair zx81 in 1982 when i was 10. I love playing with tech, i don't admit to knowing everything, i guess i know sufficent to be dangerous. I also have a warped sense of humour. I also like spicy food, have 2 cats and drive a chevvy. I am currently writing this naked, and intend to wear red briefs today

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Re: Weekly Subdate w/e 18/08/18

Post by stryfe » Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:14 pm

I approve of these messages!

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