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WDF Server Rules

Post by stryfe » Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:35 am

Political Comments in Chat
To ensure a relaxed and fun environment keep politics out of the chat. Everyone has a different opinion and it’s easy for someone to get offended when they don’t share the same views and values. A game server is not the place nor the forum to openly discuss politics, that is reserved for other avenues. People found to violate this will be met with a 1 week ban. If after this point the person still wants to continue to disrupt chat with politics, you will be auto-muted every time you join the server. And if that’s not enough you will be removed from the server and all others owned and operated by the WDF Gaming Network.

Trolling and or Spamming Chat
Players more so than ever have taken it upon themselves to push every bit of the rules “trolling” and or “spamming” the chat. Skirting along the rules of what is allowed and not allowed. This type of disruption will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the server. If you want to troll and spam, I suggest going to reddit. Examples include — “hitler was innocent”, “Does XYZ clan tag mean you’re racist?” This is blatant trolling and the staff here have zero patience when it comes to this type of behavior.

Ping Spoofing
This is a recent issue that has come up. Essentially if your ping does not reflect the actual latency between you and the server, you will be removed.
Examples include players that are in Tokyo that have an average ping of 100ms to our Locker’s server. The catch is the ping does not change, at all. It stays at 100ms during the life time the player is on the server. This type of thing while it does not mean “cheating” it’s evading of the ping limiter and to keep the player experience fair for all players inside and outside of the United States we must remove players that have a latency higher than our allowed limit.

Monitor to ensure the player is punished. That is all, do not punish extra, more than once, temp ban or perm ban. The script was designed to keep track of what violations the players do and take action.
If it was an accidental kill – Player A throws Grenade Player B kills player A and in turn kills 4 other people because of Player A’s grenade. Forgive the player and move on.
NOTE: If a player uses the !report function in game to report a weapons violation governed by the script and AdKats does not automatically ignore it. Then admins should !ignore [reportnumber]. If and when the reported player kills with the weapon the script will auto punish the player in question. This is important so that we can maintain proper tracking of what players actually do as opposed to what they are reported of doing.

– If the word evades the language filter, issue a PUNISH and MUTE of the player.
– Again 9.99 times out of 10 the script will pick up the language and issue automatic bans and punishments.
– If the player comes back into the server after their punishment, repeat step one and two. The more we can keep track of what they are doing the faster we can get rid of the trashy players that plague the Battlefield 4 community.
NOTE: Variations used by players to bypass the language filter should be reported via the wdf forums (not the platoon feed) so that they can be considered for future inclusion in the filter.


– Ignore them.
– If they continue warn them and or mute them based on their actions.
– If they continue to be ignorant, punish the player again so we can keep track of the trashy players of the Battlefield 4 community.
– Too often people are taking things said in the server to heart, if you can not handle it, let one of the senior admins know and we’ll remove you from your position.


– You must be 100% sure before taking ANY actions. There has been a lot of this lately where the rules are overlooked and admins are doing as they please. THIS WILL NOT STAND!
– Record a video of them to submit to BF4DB.com so the player can earn a global ban.
– If you have the proper rights AND 100% sure they are cheating, kick the player and or temp ban them. Or contact a senior administrator.
– If you have the proper rights AND 100% sure they are cheating, perm ban them and make a post in the platoon feed outlining what has occurred.

– Warn them that advertising without consent from the administration staff is not allowed.
– If they continue to blab about their website, platoon, clan, YouTube, Twitch channel mute them.
– That’s all, the script will handle the rest.

– We expect platoon members to behave appropriately in the same manner in which we expect other players to do so. Trolling, insulting, hackusations, etc. from a platoon member should be treated in the same manner in which we would address the situation with any non-platoon member. We hold platoon members to a higher standard and if you chose to now follow the guidelines you will be removed.

– ALL administrators when in the WDF Gaming (Meatlocker and or Meatgrinder servers) are REQUIRED to be in Discord. Failure to do so will result in removal of your administration rights from the server.
– Communication is KEY. Only ONE PERSON should be doing punishments on a single player. If multiple people are punishing one player for the same offense that’s unacceptable and abuse. If such behavior occurs your administration rights will be revoked from the server. If there are multiple admins in the server and it is unclear who should handle a situation, the ranking admin present should handle the situation.
– All punishments, mutes, kicks & bans must have VALID reasons behind them for my tracking of what’s occurring. Putting a simple “!mute ElStryfe cause I can” is not a valid reason and continued usage of this will result in your administration rights revoked. I get bashed on Facebook fairly often and when stuff like this occurs I have no ground to stand on to argue and take up for the administration staff to justify their actions. This looks like abuse and will always be seen that way from an “End User” and or “Players” perspective. There are very few instances in which a !kick, !tban, or !ban should ever be manually issued. Improper usage of these commands in particular will be promptly addressed moving forward.
– Do not take anything personal. If you don’t’ have thick skin and can handle a little bashing then being an administrator is not for you.
– Senior administrators will always be watching and keeping track of what situations are taking place. We encourage everyone to keep a mental note (if not actual notes) when a situation arises in which you need to issue commands on a player. We expect you to be able to explain yourself 100% of the time if the there comes a time when we need additional details regarding a particular situation. If a situation arises in which you are unsure how to proceed, email the staff [email protected]. Next to ML, MG, and mlr, the most important letters here are C Y A. Cover your ass.

Send me an email [email protected] if you have questions or comments on the above. I’ll gladly go over anything with you all.